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Early Learning Centre & Kindergarten Art

Interweaving her Diploma of Early Childhood & Care, Visual Arts Education degree and Art Therapy qualifications Chony designs engaging and diverse art experiences for all ages, abilities, interests and educational establishments learning goals.


How Visual Art Workshops benefit young children;

  • Increase in self-confidence

  • Use, describe and trust their imagination

  • Develop early stages of literacy through drawing pictures and explaining ideas

  • Fine motor control

  • Communication – forming words and sounds

  • Spatial awareness & body awareness

  • Social, verbal and sharing strategies

  • Self-expression

  • Decrease feelings of anxiety

  • Process emotions and feelings

  • Promotes curiosity & trust

These workshops can be on-going, term time, during school holidays or project based – to design a mural or develop creative mindfulness practices within your centre.


I have a post-graduate Degree in Education, a Diploma of Early Childhood & Care, a blue card, yellow card and extensive education experience from babies to adults.


To Enquire as to how Chony’s Art Room can facilitate a quality learning experience that sets your learning establishment apart from others email –

Chony's Art School is based on the premise that no two art works will ever be alike. It is project-based, which means students will be creating an art work at times for up to 4 weeks and then the materials and processes will alternate. Participants are guided to explore and express themselves using at times- clay, watercolour, acrylic paint, sketching, sculpture, intuitive mark making, and collage (just to name a few). 

Check out Instagram - or Facebook Chonys Art Room for visuals of what the children have been creating.

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