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Yoga for the Mind - 5 Minutes of Mindful Art Practice a Day.

Updated: Apr 24

I am an AVID supporter of the pro-active / solutions oriented approach to keeping our mental health in check and in a positive place. When life gets busy as it inevitably does the last thing that most people find time for is feeding their mental health with positive nutrition and before we know it signs of anxiety, sadness, depression and loneliness start forming a black cloud around our mind and thoughts. Which makes being a functional human, let alone a positive one who is achieving their life-goals unbelievably difficult.

I believe that a combination of factors contribute to positive mental health, including eating a nutritiousness well-balanced diet full of vegetables, fruits and legumes, finding a form of exercise that you enjoy and incorporating it into your week, surrounding yourself with positive, supportive friends, working towards goals and living in an environment that provides you with a sense of safety are fundamental.

Mindfully spending 5 minutes a day or more if you can on a creative pursuit which could be a form of art: drawing, painting, colouring etc or playing a musical instrument, gardening or cooking can play a huge role in boosting your mental health and wellness. Firstly, subconsciously, you are telling your mind that you care for it - where energy goes, energy flows. Secondly, consciously focussing on one action like painting, slows down our busy mind, reducing stress and increasing our in-built happiness hormone dopamine.

When my students drop into presence, mindfully creating they speak of having time to 'acknowledge and process feelings', 'breathe slower', 're-imagine & manifest goals' and feel more 'positive, as well as realigned to personal purpose'.

I spend at least 5 minutes a day deeply immersed in an arts based mindful practice, which has helped me immensely. Which is why I created these really short films, to inspire others to make time for mental wellness and how easy it really can be.

X Chony

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